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We have started our activity in 2012 as a young, ambitious creative agency with new and fresh ideas. Working together, we have combined our vast ideological and technical experience, which becomes a unique creative result. We came out of nowhere, as if from a distant place called Moon to show a different and exceptional perspective. Therefore, we are Moon Troops.
Today, we have an ambitious goal to become a first-class leader in packaging and brand development. We believe that we are doing well and with every project we become stronger and our works are successful for us and our clients. We believe that design is one of the best tools to convey ideas or to send a message.

We Create Design and Original Ideas So that You Would Achieve the Results You Want!

Our Customers

Since the establishment back in 2012, during only few years’ time, we have gained the trust of the most famous brands in the country. We have completed more than 20 successful international projects. Within three years, we have acquired more than 50 clients who trust us with their brand and product images.

Global Rating

During the very first year, Moon Troops works were published in major packaging design websites: The Dieline, Packaging of the World, Package Inspiration, and Lovely Package.  News about the Agency’s activities have quickly spread around the world, from the Far East to North and South America. Some of our works as if have created the new tendencies in the global context. Our works are not only attractive to the customers and commercially successful, they also serve as an inspiration to other designers.

International experience

Since the beginning, we have worked with clients around the world. We have provided small-scale solutions as well as custom and unique ones for large projects. The majority of our creations have travelled to Great Britain. We can express our satisfaction with the fact that around 25% of the projects we have implemented are for foreign markets.

Every day we work to become a world-class international company!

Professional Team

Moon Troops team is made of professionals in their field. Moon Troops team consists of specialists in graphic design, publishing technologies, customer behavior, branding, and everything that is needed to create a qualitative brand, package design or other products we focus on.

Our specialists have 5-10 years of design experience and have attended the best universities in Lithuania and other parts of Europe. A part of our team are members of Lithuanian Graphic Design Association which unites the best Lithuanian specialists working in this field professionally.

Want to Know More?

If you haven’t found what you were looking for, want to know more or meet us – Write us! We are always open to new offers and ideas.
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