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Highvit packaging design was meant to stress the functionality of these 3 drinks that were developed to support three important body functions. It had to be a mixture of pharmaceutical and traditional soft drink design details so MoonTroops creative agency chose a white background and implemented tasty colours for each different taste.
“Keep it simple and straightforward” – this was the main mission of designing the package for this drink and it was accomplished.


Design of highvit was inspiring all over the world.
Design was publish in top design inspiration websites: thedienline.com, lovelypackage.com, packagingoftheworld.com, upakovano.ru, klonblog.com, lightpack.com.ua, elpoderlasideas.com, advertology.ru, thebestpackaging.ru, pichouse.com, creative-inspiration.co.uk, paperblog.com.

MyDrink Beverages – (United Kingdom)
Naming, Logo Design, Packaging Design, POS Material
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