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A task set for Moon Troops was to developed an exclusive design for a limited edition ginger bitter “Ginger Nines” / “Trejos Devynerios”.
Limited edition drink is made from 27 herbs, leaves, and fruit following a special recipe created by Stumbras experts.

After a throughout product’s recipe and ingredients analysis we have decided to convey this especially rich flavor using oriental ornaments. It is this graphic motif which is very rich in and full of various small elements that creates a seamless and mesmerizing unity. To highlight the richness of ornaments we used four different colors: silver, gold, red, and brown.

Two main ingredients: ginger and lemon are yellow in color, this is why we have chosen the bottle itself to be in rich yellow color.

The design of the beverage is unique, catchy and perfectly highlights the richness and exquisite taste of the drink.

AB “Stumbras”
Packaging Design
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