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Our goal was to develop a hip logo for a new gastropub GENYS. We knew this is going to be a place with quality food and lots of good beer from all over the world.

We chose to use a diamond form that could become an identity marker for developing a brand logo and other attributes. This form was not chosen at random – we were inspired by beer coasters frequently seen in the pubs. We chose to take a risk and portray the woodpecker as a hero, even though it was not explicitly stated by the client. Therefore, it was created to look modern and hip, with a stylish mohawk – just as a potential GENYS client might look. The logo is very geometrical and tidy. This is associated with order and high quality, which is what one would expect in a good gastropub. Detailed lines in the logo have a connection with the interior of this gastropub, where there are many parallel wooden strips. Furthermore, we have developed several adaptations, which are now used as alternative logos in the gastropub’s interior.

For GENYS Gastropub we have also created the design for all the necessary attributes. Following the key elements – The woodpecker, the font, the diamond form, and different thickness of lines, we have created a truly unique style.

The image does look hip and modern. Finally, everything was perpetuated with Asahi Pentax Sportmatic F camera.

GENYS Gastropub
Logo & Style design
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