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Our client, one of the biggest corporations in Lithuania, “Viciunai Group” decided  to step into the world’s beverages market.  The Client had an already developed brand and the logo design of the product  which were usually advertised during the car racing and other extreme sports  events. However, the beverage was often confused with another similarly  looking energy drink, because of the similar looks, color set and frantic red-eyed  creature in the product logo. What is more, sparkling vitaminized beverage was  filled into 330 ml aluminum cans.

The aim was to create new looks of the product, keeping the same brand,  stressing the benefits that final customer get while drinking the beverage.

To keep the integrity of product line, we have decided to keep blue as the main  color for all different drink flavors cans. To identify different types of drink only  the secondary colors vary. Rectangular graphic elements, creating friendly and  playful package appearance dominate in the design of different beverage’s  flavors.

Vičiūnai Group
Packaging Design
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